AFM       Attack From Mars
BR        Black Rose
BSD       Bram Stokers Dracula
CC        Cactus Canyon
CP        Champion Pub
CV        Circus Voltaire
CONGO     Congo
COR       Corvette
CFTBL     Creature From The Black Lagoon
DM        Demolition Man
DH        Dirty Harry
DW        Doctor Who
FT        Fish Tales
FH        Fun House
GI        Gilligans Island
HD        Harley-Davidson
HS2       High Speed 2
HOTS      Hot Shots
HC        Hurricane
IJ        Indiana Jones
I500      Indy 500
JB        JackBot
JM        Johnny Mnemonic
JD        Judge Dredd
JY        Junk Yard
MM        Medieval Madness
MB        Monster Bash
NBAFB     NBA Fast Break
NF        No Fear
NGG       No Good Gofers
PZ        Party Zone
PSU       Popeye Saves Universe
RFM       Revenge From Mars
RS        Road Show
SC        SafeCracker
SS        Scared Stiff
SF        Slug Fest
STTNG     Star Trek the Next Generation
SWE1      Star Wars Ep1
TOTAN     Tales of the Arabian Nights
T2        Terminator 2
TAF       The Addams Family
TAFG      The Addams Family Gold
TF        The Flintstones
TS        The Shadow
TOM       Theatre of Magic
BOP       TM: Bride of Pinbot
TZ        Twilight Zone
WH2O      White Water
WD        Who Dunnit
WCS       World Cup Soccer